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Software Outsourcing Updates

Top 7 Steps to Creating Secure JavaScript for Web Applications

Offshore software development companies can create user interfaces that can adjust to the functionality they can provide while still offering value to users by embracing the web's fragility.

Rise of the micro-software dealing companies: why would they dominate collaboration?

In modern history, 2020 was an unparalleled year. For the past century, mankind has not seen a worldwide pandemic such as COVID-19.

CDC and Apple Unite to Release Coronavirus Screening App and Website

Coronavirus has become a pandemic (announced by WHO on 12-03-2020) and affected at least 170 countries and territories. Over 50,000 people have died

The Importance of Kubernetes in DevOps

Kubernetes and DevOps have turned out to be a power couple of clouds. Both run hand-in-hand for companies that contemplate developing sophisticated software and applications.

Tutorial : Sending SMS through Ansible

Ansible is an open-source automation tool used to perform IT works in an easier and sophisticated method.

Introduction To Devops(Ansible)

Devops has become a technological sensation with its constant uprising in the field of automation over the last few years and is becoming a hype as more and more companies are adapting to it.

Common Pitfalls Which May Mislead Results In Machine Learning

While making a machine learning model there are very common mistakes that a programmer does which have severe effects on the performance of the model. In this tutorial, we will learn about those mistakes and how to deal with them.

Version Control System - GIT

Version control enables many people similar to work on a solitary project. Everybody can keep up their very own work and files on the unify archive and can share with anyone. Transitory edits by one person or individual do not influence the other person's or individual’s work.

5 Mindboggling Ml And Ai Advancements That Will Stun The World In 2019!

Wondering how amazingly your cab booking app works? Thinking how it matches the free cab to your ride request? Or, thinking how your email inbox smartly filters Spams, and now, even labels important emails?

Omni-powered customers expect only a flawless experience!

User experience is something that can instantly increase or decrease people’s interest in a software, application, website, webpage etc. Users hardly want to spend a lot of time on a website or a product.

Version Controlling with GIT using GitBash

Version controlling is the most required feature when we work in an enterprise environment. This is because, the code we write is not out code. If you are working for a client, then it is the property of client.

Chatbots, The Smart Travel Ai Concierges Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip!

When it comes to planning your next trip, you are mostly reliant on your travel agents or the Internet to find out the best possible options. However, have you even wondered how would you feel, if there will be an AI powered program

11 Things you must know about Helpdesk Software

Help Desk is one of the crucial parts that help to provide information and all kind of support to the customers, related to the services and products that company provide. For any organization or company, the Helpdesk is something that they must have.

Is it just the hype of AI that’s beginning to merge with reality?

Everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence knows that it has picked up intensely in recent years. And, this growth also leads to the development of a plenty of questions in the mind like, what is the driving force behind this hype?

How Business Intelligence can help for Data Security

Businesses are continuously advised to protect their information from being hacked and at the same time warned that they should not share it broadly.

Security integration into DevOps – a skillful job for software development team

The basics of DevOps are an initial thought of being true to the information technology and its development philosophy of teamwork, coordination and shared responsibility and agility.

H-1B Visa and Implications for Indians

Even before Donald Trump won the controversial U.S. election in 2016, H-1B visa was a popular topic of debate.

Software consulting for Burden Free Life

The world is going through technological boom with every sector is going towards modernisation. The basic reason behind this boom is the resurgence of software.

9 points to choose NEX Softsys for QA and Software Outsourcing

With advancement in technology is it evident that it’s not too far away when everything will be controlled by software and robots.

Software Company India in the role of software testing

Software development companies in India have been stimulating different types of experiments in software testing.

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