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Validate CRM field data using Azure Logic-Apps Inline JavaScript


Recently Microsoft introduced a provision for Azure Logic-Apps wherein the developers can add a built-in Inline JavaScript code action as a step in our Logic-App’s workflow. This action runs the code snippet and returns its output as a token named Result.

In this blog, we will try to create a D365 CE Contact record from a JSON message passed from Service Bus Explorer via a Logic-App.

We will first add a new CE Contact text field called PAN that accepts a Permanent Account Number (Indian Format). In the Logic-App, we aim to make use of Inline JS action to validate PAN against a Reg-Ex expression and create the CE Contact record only if it is in the right format.




In this blog, Dynamics CRM Consultants describe step by step how we can use inline JS code action in logic-application to validate the D365 CE field.

We hope this will be helpful.

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