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Nurture an Everlasting Bond with Your Customers with Dynamics CRM’s Enhanced Customer Service Hub!

Dynamics CRM’s Enhanced Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgraded release is flooding with an immense number of cutting-edge features. Starting from the advanced activity timeline to an interactive layout, the new version of the Dynamics CRM is certainly more exciting to use. A new and improved customer service hub is one of the other eminent additions to the upgraded Dynamics CRM version. The new version of CRM comes packed with newer ways to access the data, through the Hubs.

Plenty of Hubs are available for use but the number and type depend on the subscription you opted for. Interactive Service Hub is now the Customer Service Hub and some other Hubs like the Sales Hub, Field Service Hub, etc, also add in the new CRM. Hubs can be accessed through the home screen, through the Dynamics CRM Menu, and also via the mobile version.

The freshest version of Dynamics CRM is based on UUI (Unified User Interface). UUI offers a very interactive and engaging interface and layout. Plus, every area in this interface has a specific layout. And, the same is for the Customer Service Hub. The hub explicitly centers on only the Customer Service functions. This makes it easier for the customer service team to focus only on their subject, without getting hassled by the unwanted areas. Also, the customer service dashboard is very clear and easy to use. The new addition is certainly a value add for any company. Therefore, it is also important to use the new features to their full potential to make the most of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s upgraded release is flooded with an immense number of cutting-edge features.

The need to offer a seamless customer experience to the customer!

Different companies have different strategies for engaging the customers, while some like to engage them through impactful social media campaigns, some restrict the engagement to a decent customer service system. However, smart customer engagement allows the business to strengthen the bond that they share with the customer and also lets them get closer to the customer. The first step of engaging the customer, and offering a marvelous customer experience is through customer support. Therefore, it is important to offer top-notch, and high-quality quality customer support to the customers.

Here are some tips to nurture a solid bond with the customers by efficient using the new customer service hub:

Don’t let your customer wait

Nobody likes to wait, and especially the customers never like to wait for the responses from the customer support teams. The easy-to-use and very interactive new interactive interface of Dynamics CRM allow you to act on the customer query instantly. No matter how agitated the customer is, quick responses and the effort that you put in to help him always work wonder. Plus, by quickly resolving the issues of one customer, you will get enough time to spend with more customers.

Study your cases to offer a seamless customer experience

The new Dynamics CRM enables you to create cases for every customer interaction. The case created will have all the details starting from the time customer contact to the details of the query and resolution offered (if provided). A record of the history of the customer interactions helps the agents to study the case, and offer an efficient solution promptly. Maintaining the record of the cases will also benefit you in the long run, as, if the customer approaches you again for a similar or even for a different problem, it will be easy for you to fetch the required details. The customer will not have to go through the hassle of explaining everything again. The cases created can be merged, assigned to a different person or can be converted to a knowledge base article as well.

Plus, this feature largely helps in maintaining the SLAs. SLAs have a deep impact on the customer service experience offered to the client. Companies that take long to respond to the queries or to solve the customer issues fetch negative feedback from the customers. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a decent SLA rate.

Focus on per case basis

The intuitive user interface of the new customer service hub has all the information, combined on one platform. Therefore, it saves the time of the customer service agent to swap through tons of different pages and menus regularly. Thus, this feature enables you to prioritize your work. Hence, you can streamline your workflow, and deviate enough time to every case. You may even choose to go extra mile for any customer as you have more flexibility and time in hand.

The improved Customer Services Hub of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is sure to transform the customer service landscape. With the added features, it is now much easier for companies to offer a seamless customer experience to the customers!

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