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What Magento Ecommerce Web Design Trends Will Be in 2018?

Magento Ecommerce Web Design

Magento brought a revolution in the eCommerce ecosystem. Small or large, big or small, all types of businesses use Magento eCommerce facilities to run their online business. So what Magento has for its broad base of customers in 2018? Let us checkout.

Arrival of Magento 2

By November 2018, Magento will introduce its new version Magento 2. It also means that they will cease any support provided to users of platform 1.x after November. It is one of the revolutionary upgrades in the eCommerce ecosystem. So will this change cause concern for the existing users or help them? Keep these facts handy before you decide to upgrade.

  • Upgradation will not be quick and may take a few months.
  • You have to keep your SEO in place during the change. Otherwise, the up-gradation might impact sales.
  • Keep track of any bug that you might encounter while using the platform, and prompt reports of such issues will help you get a quick resolution.

Now time to check out the benefits of Magento 2

  • Help to get higher rankings.
  • Better SEO support.
  • Multi-store and multi-site functionality.
  • Better security and bug fixes.

New learning Curve

Magento introduced a new learning curve for its users in 2018. It comes with a different interface and layout to help you get trained and re-train your staff on the new version. Magento Development India becomes more interactive with this learning curve and hence more approachable. This training plan is framed to help more and more people enjoy the fruits of eCommerce in the New Year.

Better use of UI/UX

Magento will encourage people to use quality web designs to enhance customer experience and increase traffic to websites in 2018. The high-end UI/UX technology at the Magento platform will reduce latency, improve store load time, provide easy checkout, and increase promotions through blog posts, newsletters, and linking social media.

Better use of analytics

As e-commerce requires convincing customers and relieving them of any doubt regarding online shopping, Magento eCommerce web design trends 2018 include more business intelligence usage and analytics. These advanced technologies help you identify unique customer needs, shopping trends, and behavioral features, based on which you can customize the discounts and offers. Magento in 2018 will support sellers to link relevant data and deliver information to customers quickly and easily.

Resurgence of mobile applications

Smartphones are no longer just instant messaging (IM) and gaming devices. You can get more customers on your mobile application to surf through products and do online transactions using Magento. How? Magento will ensure more responsive mobile applications that can be viewed easily on any screen size and will also offer multichannel shopping options.

Option to link social commerce

In 2018 you can get better options to integrate Magento extensions with social media platforms. Social media is gaining importance in people’s lives, and hence Magento 2018 will help you link Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Twitter with your online shopping site.

Enhanced Security

People refrain from online shopping just because of cybercrime, and this is the main reason. Magento helps you convince skeptical customers to buy from your website by providing enhanced security in 2018. Magento creates an unparalleled guard for the sites that ensure no issues even when customers share their bank details online. Magento can help you do anything with the platform to cater to your specific business needs. Grow in dimensions, brand value, and revenue using the Magneto upgraded platform in 2018.

Super easy techniques

In 2018 you need not be tech-savvy to install eCommerce. Magento technology is getting super easy, and all you need to do is collect customer data and feed it into the system.

Additional features

Though there are a lot of Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the market these days, Magneto is determined to break through and become the most used open-sourced eCommerce platform. From attractive themes, extensions, and an ample number of tips, you can either completely revamp your site or create it from scratch.

Are you interested to know more about Magento web design trends in 2018? Visit their mega-event Magento Imagine 2018 at Las Vegas to learn more about their recent products and expand your business network by interacting with global merchants, tech experts, and entrepreneurs.

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