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WAN Optimization for Cloud Computing Performance Improvement

Cloud computing is the most common technological thing which is used at present. Almost 97% of the companies are using at least one cloud service in way of SaaS. When you are using SaaS it comes with the dependence on the internet so that some enterprise solutions can be connected with. Moreover, data centralization is also used and this has led to the increased reliance on the WAN network. The reason is that most of the companies are backhauling their internet traffic through WAN. It is now clear that the internet traffic reaches the branch office but with the means of WAN.

It is important to improve the SaaS experience for the end-users and thus the network managers wish to enhance the internet across WAN and the internet. It has been found that the ADO appliance is beneficial to be used for improving the performance of the internet. They are also known as packet shapers. They can easily help in prioritizing the conversations and also guarantee it to be done within minimum bandwidth and speed rates. There are some of the ADO devices which can also include prioritizing the specific streams in conversations like accounting queries, queries on the report, etc. Caching also helps in improving performance.

How can WAN help?

As far as WAN is concerned, the ADO appliances can prioritize and also accelerate the traffic. They can help in compressing content so that they can reduce the transmission latencies. They are also able to alter the traffic at TCP and HTTP levels. With the help of multiplexing, the ADO device can also help in sending a single request from the client and also allows getting a single response from the server. This helps in saving time and improves performance as 10 responses are not to be provided separately.

You can also take the internet out of the loop and establish a private connection line to the provider. It can be done by removing certain controllable and uncontrolled hops either with or without the approval of the service provider. The internet connectivity can also be removed when one can introduce the internet connectivity direct to the branch. At the same tie, the traffic to and from the providers is to be restricted and thus in this way the performance is protected and improves security.

The main thing to understand is that in the age of SaaS also IT has simple ways which can help in improving performance. You can either improve cloud computing development performance by going high with protocol optimization or going low to use QoS tagging.

Using WAN optimization technology

WAN optimization technology which is used can accelerate the slow applications in the network. It is also used for improving cloud computing performance. You might be wondering the relation between the slow application performance and the cloud. The fact is that WAN optimization can help in improving performance in the cloud. First of all, let us discuss WAN optimization. There are many benefits of WAN optimization and it is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the current times.

It can help the companies by lowering the cost of running a network. It can be done by reducing the issues and increasing productivity by increasing the speed of the performance of the application on long distances. The WAN-optimized network can provide the same experience no matter you are at headquarters, a remote office, or a branch. At present, several companies have installed the WAN optimization controllers so that they can improve performance and it can also help in improving the cloud computing performance

WAN optimization for cloud computing

The WAN optimization is also known as acceleration and it improves the performance of the application with the help of bandwidth optimization techniques. The techniques include compression to reduction and protocol substitution. It is the dual side technology where the box is applied to either side of the WAN link thus allowing to optimizing the traffic. Cloud computing works on the principle where the physical assets are virtualized in the data center and then moved to the cloud. When an application needs a computer resource like storage of workload, then the resource is taken from the cloud.

The amount of data that is moved between the cloud data warehouse consulting provider and enterprise can harm performance. Moreover, the expense can increase of the connection is needed to speed up the data delivery. The same thing can be provided by WAN optimization without any need for a costly upgrade.

WAN optimization can be used at both ends of the connection so that it supports cloud computing. If you are accessing the cloud storage then the data moved is compressible and the WAN optimizer will compress data when it crosses WAN and then uncompresses it. This helps in reducing traffic in most cases. It can also speed up the virtual workload movement. WAN optimization becomes a well-known networking technology that is necessary for cloud WAN optimization

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