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Why AX is more popular among ERP ecosystem

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integral part of modern business processing and data management. For this, business organizations have deployed numerous ERP systems as a competent business intelligence tool – Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and many more. Whereas SAP is much older and is more familiar with the ERP market, and has a diverse client base, Microsoft Dynamics AX is much more technologically advanced and comes with much more advantages than previous ERP systems. Therefore, companies choose AX over others for successful planning and data processing. So, how has AX managed to make it big in the ERP ecosystem market?

1. User-friendly

Dynamics AX is extremely easy to use and can be easily adapted to a shifting business. Microsoft programs on your computer will work easily with the AX system, and internal and external transfer of information between companies can be done with no hassle. Contrary to claims by SAP supporters, AX is efficient with international business working with multi-language, multi-time zones and multi-currency conditions. It is equally good with its multiple banking and reporting standards and legislative codes, which promise the required global coverage.

If you have older versions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX, upgrading it is a simple process and comes with more advanced features. Panorama Consulting Solutions, in a current survey, found out that the time taken for implementation was the least in Microsoft Dynamics AX when compared to Oracle and SAP.

2. Solutions to make your business a success

Microsoft Dynamics AX strives for core functionality and solving business issues uniquely. One of these ways includes using ISV solutions where customers are approached with industry expertise and are given industry-specific solutions as needed. They are guided by business partners who have specialized in a specific industry field and give considerable insight and experience.

A faster and easier system means that employers can get adapt to it faster and contribute better to the organization. When people start trusting the organization with a carefully planned business management solution, efficiency and increased production is the result.

3. Flexible, yet efficient

Microsoft Dynamics AX believes in promoting a relaxed atmosphere yet maintaining its compliance requirements. With its major advancements in compliance and auditing, the companies can work in a systematic, cost-effective, consistent and efficient manner. Further compliance support requests (MAXLife and Maxfood solutions) are entertained for companies that require FDA compliance. Thus, your organization is more organized and experienced in providing insight for a prompt response.

Microsoft Dynamics helps you to expand business opportunities and modify processes as needed which makes it easier for you to accommodate adaption and growth. Microsoft Dynamics AX can also be deployed on-premises or in a cloud ERP model with a single ERP solution that can be customized as per your needs. As opposed to SAP, it does need expensive add-ons or a separate analytics program.

4. So much at an affordable price

According to independent research, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a higher return on investment with lower overall costs compared to other ERP solutions. Moreover, AX has lowered the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and has mapped the benefits of AX to 81-100% over its competitors.

5. Conclusion

Microsoft Dynamics AX has also been responsible for the results –

  • Increase in user productivity by 30%.
  • 75% Microsoft Dynamics AX users note an improvement in ROI in 23 months.
  • 75% Microsoft Dynamics AX users note improved operations and visibility.
  • 56% Microsoft Dynamics AX users were able to reduce staffing costs.
  • 44% Microsoft Dynamics AX users were able to reduce IT costs.

Due to its edge over its major competitors, Microsoft Dynamics AX development has been ranked by many ERP analysts over the years.

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