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Microsoft .NET MAUI Framework - What's New For Developers

asp dot net maui framework

What is ASP.NET?

Building online applications using the .NET framework is made easier with the help of the open-source ASP.NET web platform. Microsoft is the company that developed it, and in 2002, version 1.0 was made available to developers so that they could construct dynamic online programs, services, and websites. The framework was designed from the ground up to be compatible with the widely used HTTP protocol, which is the protocol used by each and every online application.

Asp.net development companies offer comprehensive .net development services, allowing clients to construct high-quality applications for the web, the cloud, and mobile devices. They provide the greatest custom ASP.NET development services in the market as well as a broad variety of solutions for a variety of sectors, which will assist you in achieving your company objectives more quickly and improving your ability to compete.

What is Microsoft .NET MAUI framework?

MAUI refers to Multi-Platform App UI, which is a platform that is open-source and compatible with several platforms. By using MAUI, we can create and construct native apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows all from a single code base.

MAUI is a development that evolved from Xamarin.forms, which were ported over from the mobile application to the desktop version. If you have experience working with Xamarin.

What's new for software developers using the Microsoft .NET MAUI framework?

Microsoft .NET MAUI's shorter period has been used to resolve your top updates, improve the speed of CollectionView, and provide computer capabilities because they extended your reach from mobile to desktop. This update corresponds with the introduction of Visual Studio 17.4, and the first .NET MAUI capabilities for Mac have successfully made the transition from preview to stable release status.

1. Themes for .NET MAUI Version 7

This version fixes the most common feedback problems and adds many new capabilities for desktop developers. The primary idea that has emerged from your comments is that you have a strong desire to see an improvement in the toolkit's overall quality. To that purpose, several improvements in the principles of Widgets and designs have been included in this version.

Other attractions include the following:

2. Map Control

With this release, we are shipping an improved version of the .NET MAUI map control developed by Xamarin.

Forms. This is an approximation of the native mapping control that is given by each platform, similar to our other user interface controls, but it can be used across platforms. The map allows you to place pins, including custom pins, and draw polygons, polylines, and circles; it also enables geo-referencing and localization; and it may open the native map program that is installed on the device you are using.

3. Mobile Rendering Performance

After just a few short months, the .NET MAUI for .NET 7 is already quicker than the .NET 6 version. We have improved the smoothness of scrolling in the CollectionView list control and streamlined the rendering route for basic views. Several bugs that were affecting the scrolling experience were also resolved. In a forthcoming blog post, Jonathan Peppers will provide an in-depth analysis of these enhancements and offer his thoughts.

4. Desktop Optimization

We have been collaborating closely with businesses who are developing desktop apps using .NET MAUI, and as a result, we have been able to incorporate several changes that are based on the use cases those businesses have described. These upgrades include the following:

1. The dimensions and placement of the windows

2. Menus Contextuelles et Tool-Tips

3. Arrow hover signal

4. Right-click

Benefits of Microsoft .NET MAUI Framework

Microsoft’s latest .NET update is the Multi-platform App UI or MAUI framework. Xamari.Forms mobile development updates would cease by November 2022 and .NET MAUI would become the major part of the .NET environment. .NET MAUI framework is an advanced version of Xamarin.Forms that facilitate the development of cross-platform mobile applications and even desktop applications.

Thus, Microsoft has not only upgraded Xamarin with new features but has also changed its name. NET MAUI. Some of the major benefits of .NET MAUI for app developers have been discussed here.

1. Cross platform applications

.NET MAUI allows developers to build applications that run on Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. This framework allows the developer to use a single code base for multiple platforms. MAUI allows the creation of UI components that can be used on any platform. Changes made to the UI in one platform are easily replicated in other platforms without any complex steps.

.NET MAUI has unified the project interface. A single interface has a drop-down menu containing the various platforms for which the app is being developed. Thus, there is no need for separate files for various platforms.

Altogether, .NET MAUI increases the speed of app development and reduces the cost because multiple code bases are not required for multiple platforms and a single code base can be used for various platforms.

2. Improved performance

Good speed and efficiency are the main expectations of the users from both mobile and desktop applications. Xamarin applications were beset with the problem of slow loading. This has been rectified in the MAUI framework by making changes to the architecture to eliminate view wrapping which, in turn, has reduced the UI control numbers when viewing. Consequently, the loading time has been reduced.

.NET MAUI enables the development of high-quality native apps across platforms. This framework uses the features of each platform without compromising on quality. Moreover, .NET MAUI-developed apps do not suffer from the performance issues of JavaScript and others because C# and F# are used.

3. Hot reload

Support for .NET hot reload is provided by the .NET MAUI framework. This means ASP.NET development services providers are able to make changes to the managed source code when the app is running without the need to hit a breakpoint or pause manually. The code edits do not require recompilation to be added to the running app.


.NET MAUI would help in developing cross-platform apps for both mobiles and desktops which perform much better as compared to the apps made using Xamarin.Forms. It would be available on Visual Studio 17.2.

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