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Date Warehouse Updates

Need to know before choosing the right data warehouse for bi

Data warehousing is one of the most popular services for businesses right now. Be it their growing digital presence or superior market opportunities,

Pentaho – Introduction and features

Pentaho is a big data analysis tool, which is Java-based. It is a complete Business Intelligence solution.

Create logging for each Transformation

Most of real time production level Pentaho ETL job are of complex design which will result into run time failures. As if job is scheduled to run at predefined time slot it may gets failed due to Data, Network or Database related issues.

Is Pentaho the key factor driving agility in the businesses?

Business agility means the ability of companies to make quick and efficient decisions. Agility plays an eminent role in a host of ways.

Is Pentaho a magic wand for the healthcare institutes?

Healthcare is one of the industries where efficiency is instrumental in providing quality care or rather saving the lives.

How can you derive competitive value with Pentaho BI?

As the world is becoming competitive day by day, therefore, business intelligence has become very important. Business Intelligenceis all about gaining useful insights in order to become better.

Pentaho Job Scheduling on Linux Machine

Once we have developed the Pentaho ETL job to perform certain objective as per the business requirement suggested, it needs to be run in order to populate fact tables or business reports.

Pentaho for E-Commerce: Big Data Analytics with No Data Skills

The data analytics has grown to such a stage that the best way for businesses to reach the next level is through big data. While most companies try to implement strategies to gather data from external sources, e-commerce businesses have data given to them in a platter.

WAN Optimization for Cloud Computing Performance Improvement

Cloud computing is the most common technological thing which is used at present. Almost 97% of the companies are using at least one cloud service in way of SaaS.

How Hybrid Cloud Will Improve Storage Performance?

As of today, one of the best parts about the internet is the accessibility to the cloud. The cloud is one platform where you can store all your data without fearing breaches.

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