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In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need to respond quickly to customer demands and market conditions. And Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives them the power and flexibility to control and grow their business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV works the way you want it to. It is a smart business solution that streamlines and automates business processes, enabling people to focus on higher-value activities.

We provide solutions for Microsoft Navision implementation that integrate your business processes. We can improve productivity by automating and connecting sales, purchase, operations, accounting and inventory management. Our Dynamics NAV solutions offer superior connectivity and communication across your company and to your customers and suppliers.


Our Solutions for Dynamics NAV Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV combines the functionality of an enterprise resource planning solution with the ease of use that small and medium-sized businesses require. The solution is designed to help companies streamline key business processes such as managing inventory, purchasing, sales and accounting. It offers the accessibility and flexibility of cloud-based computing, with best-in-class capabilities that guide your business and support your success.

We help clients succeed by offering them a full-service solution. That means we handle everything the client needs to, from initial integration to ongoing maintenance and support. We offer everything from off-the-shelf solutions to custom solutions tailored to a client’s unique needs. We can integrate a client’s existing software with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or develop something from scratch.

Either way, we develop software to support our client’s current needs and enable them to grow in the future.

Manual Testing

Dynamics NAV Consulting

Our team of qualified consultants is ready to help with the proven method, moving you from design to completion quickly.

We work together with you at any stage of the project. We provide you with comprehensive documentation for implementing Dynamics NAV for your business: project plan, data conversions, functional specifications, design, customization and reports.

Automated Testing

Microsoft NAV Implementation

NEX Softsys Microsoft NAV implementation experts will support you with the whole project, including customization, reporting, system design, data conversion, dashboards and training.

Our implementation process is a three-phase approach that involves planning, deployment and implementation. Each phase has a specific project lead and experts with specific roles (e.g., developer, tester, and administrator) and resources.

QA Consulting

Migration to Dynamics NAV

We collect all of the necessary data to document and understand your current system configuration. We then gather input from your team and stakeholders and create a detailed design for the new system. Once approved, we’ll implement the solution in your new environment based on the complexity and volume of data, your level of customization and the number of users.

Selenium Testing

Business Intelligence Solutions

Customized BI solutions for data integration, reporting, dashboards and workflow automation.

QA Outsourcing

Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Upgrade to the platform of your choice to maximize your working efficiency and everyday operations.

We Deliver Dynamics NAV Implementation Services Across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

Our Expertise in Microsoft Navision Implementation

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation can bring together sales, purchase, inventory, production and financial management, as well as human resources and customer relationship management (CRM). We also facilitate supply chain management, customer services, business intelligence and online marketing. The following are some of the capabilities of our Microsoft Navision implementation.

Customer Service

Improve customer service by automating orders, customer interactions and accounts.


Get ahead of stock, production and finances with streamlined processes & real-time visibility.


Connect sales, purchase, production and payment with automated solutions and instant reports.

Supply Chain

Ensure seamless movement of goods with proper integration between inventory and production.

Human Resources

Integrate employee management, payroll and recruitment with NAV for efficient HR operations.

Business Management

Deploy the solution across multiple locations, including subsidiaries, branches and warehouses.


Take stock of your inventory and get notified of the stocks, demand and supply.


Streamline production with instant notifications from the supply chain and inventory.

Why Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV the Best Choice for You?

Dynamics NAV is an affordable enterprise resource planning solution designed for midsize businesses. But the best part about it is that it has a flexible working model and expansive room for scalability, making it the ultimate choice for SMBs and large enterprises.

What's excellent about Dynamics NAV is that not only does it work out of the box, but it also has a powerful extensibility framework. It means you can customize and extend the functionality as much as you need. You can also get it up and running quickly and tailor it based on your needs.

Magento Web Development

High Configurable

Manage everything from a single system, or configure Dynamics NAV to extend the solution across your entire organization.

Customized Development

Single View

Access all sales, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, services, finance and projects in one secure location.

Unique eCommerce Solution

Real-Time Analysis

Take advantage of accurate financial and comprehensive financial reporting in global organizations.

Expert Shopping Cart Development


Invest in the scalable architecture to add more users, locations and modules as your business grows.

Building Themes

Extensive Integration

Integrate and automate business processes and data with other Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.

Supervised Maintenance and Support

BI Capabilities

Analyze business performance and trends and monitor the current state of your business.

Responsive eCommerce Website

Budget-Friendly Model

Take advantage of the flexible deployment model and have your expenditure in your control.

Custom Extensions Development

Community Support

Use an active user community so you can get advice from colleagues and experts.

How Working with NEX Softsys Looks Like

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to manage your business operations, such as sales, procurement, manufacturing and finances, all from one system. We apply the best practices from proven ERP systems, enabling your company to automate and simplify processes, improve decision-making and use real-time insights to increase profitability and competitiveness. Here is why NEX Softsys is the best Dynamics NAV implementation company over others:

Inadequate Experience

They don’t have the industry knowledge or the experience to handle your issues quickly and arrive at a solution.

Restricted Offerings

They can only provide a few services for you but will never satisfy all of your IT needs.

Hidden Pricing

You get shocked at seeing the bill with the new addition of prices never discussed with you.

Limited Resources

When you suddenly want to expand your business and IT resources, your outsourced partner is unable to meet your needs.

Difficult Employee Adaptation

Implementing a new IT solution is only good if your employees get used to it. But it becomes a big problem when your IT providers do not make it easy for your employees to adapt quickly.

Limited Knowledge

They are good at solving one of your problems but aren’t able to handle the others.

Transparent Pricing

We don't charge anything upfront, and we don't charge per hour. We provide a fixed price before we begin work.

Quick Scalability

Due to our vast network of NAV experts, you can scale up or down the team as you need while working with us.

Quick Onboarding

We provide free on-site training so our clients can learn how to use the system immediately after the implementation is complete.

Ability to Handle Any Challenge

Our specialists are professional, extremely customer-focused and always ready to meet all project requirements.

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