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AI Consulting

At NEX Softsys, we help you build a robust data and AI foundation, setting the stage for unprecedented growth, efficiency, and resilience.

We are not just an AI consulting company, we are your strategic partner in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence. Our team of AI consultants specializes in crafting tailored strategies to optimize your workflows, enhance customer interactions, and propel your business forward. We understand the nuances of AI, from machine learning to natural language processing, and we use this expertise to address your unique challenges. With 24/7 technical support, security enhancements, and scalability solutions, we keep your AI systems performing at their best.

Why Choose NEX Softsys for AI Consulting and Development

When it comes to AI consulting and development, we stands out as your ideal partner.

AI Unmatched Expertise

Unmatched Expertise

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. With a wealth of experience and deep expertise in the AI field, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse industries.

AI Technical Prowess

Technical Prowess

We possess extensive knowledge of machine learning, programming languages like Python, AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, and essential AI technologies. Our proficiency in foundational models like GPT-4, LLaMA, and PaLM 2 empowers us to create robust GenAI solutions.

AIEnd-To-End Development

End-To-End Development

We align our AI solutions with your business objectives by following a structured approach. From identifying and prototyping use cases, managing risks to solution development and ongoing maintenance, our services ensure your strategic goals are met.

AI Ethical and transparent


We are dedicated to developing ethical and transparent AI solutions. Prioritizing fairness, accountability, and privacy, we ensure that AI technology serves as a positive force in society.

AI Unique Differentiators

Unique Differentiators

We excel in using generative AI and LLMs to drive business value and growth. Our differentiation lies in our experienced innovation, strategic investment in a dedicated LLM & Generative AI Center of excellence, exceptional talent pool, and powerful ecosystem collaborations.


We Deliver Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services Across

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NEX Softsys - Fast Growing AI Consulting Services Company

Our AI consulting services are at the forefront of global AI innovation, collaborating with clients and partners worldwide to shape the future of AI. Our diverse team of AI experts is poised to help you swiftly and confidently design and scale AI and automation throughout your organization.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to ethics and trust ensuring AI technology benefits the clients. Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied clients across various industries who are already reaping the rewards of our AI consulting services.

AI Growth

Our Proven Methodology

We prioritize understanding your needs, conducting feasibility studies, building prototypes, and seamlessly integrating solutions into your existing systems.

Practical Analysis & AI Strategy

We begin by defining tailored AI use cases through in-depth industry analysis, feasibility assessment and competitor research. Our next step is to create a clear AI strategy, covering aspects of cost, time frame, security and privacy.

Data Excellence & Model Development

Our commitment to high-quality, relevant data is unwavering. We collect, prepare, and fine-tune domain-specific AI models with your proprietary data to ensure your AI journey is based on a solid foundation.

Solution Integration & Deployment

Next, we seamlessly integrate AI solutions into your existing infrastructure, enhancing workflows with innovative solutions like chatbots and recommendation systems. We prioritize a smooth transition.

Ongoing Optimization & Support

Continuous monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure that AI solutions remain effective and acceptable over time. Our post-deployment training, upskilling, and technical support guarantee your success.

Why our AI Consulting Services Important For Your Business?

The suite of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Consulting Services encompasses strategy, design, architecture, data, systems integration, program operations, and risk management. We are here to make it happen backed by our deep domain expertise. We'll demystify AI, help your team grasp its value and risks, and define the capabilities your organization needs to adopt and scale AI effectively.

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AI Experiences


When AI is managed formally, it can significantly boost your return on investments in employee experience. As AI continues to advance, many CEOs believe that organizations at the forefront of AI adoption tend to excel. Artificial Intelligence consulting from NEX Softsys helps you Enhance customer experiences by using systems that can predict, sense, learn, and adapt in real-time.

AI Performance


Build systems that become better at what they do as they gather more data and gain more experience, resulting in improved results over time. Explore insights that enhance human thinking, helping you discover valuable information more quickly.

AI Automation


We help you use advanced technology like robots and smart systems to make your work smoother and more efficient.

AI Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

AI isn't just about cost-cutting; it's about a cost revolution. It reduces the need for human labor, especially in repetitive tasks, leading to significant cost savings. In many cases, a one-time investment in AI can prove more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, automating labor-intensive tasks without compromising quality.

AI Reliability


AI's ability to analyse unstructured data allows it to identify patterns from past incidents and predict future risk factors. This precision and real-time insight enhance decision-making processes while minimizing potential risks. Build, monitor, and sustain trust with automated systems that deliver reliability.

AI Commitment


We're not merely adopting AI; we're actively shaping its transformative potential for your business. Our mission is to ensure that you thrive in the AI-driven transformative age.

A Reliable AI Consulting Services Company

Discover our AI capabilities

Our deep domain experience in advanced analytics and AI engineering allows us to guide you toward tangible results. We offer solutions that are effective, not just advice. Our commitment is to enable your organization to reinvent, compete, and excel in the age of AI. We can shape the future of industries, from retail and finance to healthcare and gaming.

AI Data-Led Transformation

Data-Led Transformation

We understand that data is the cornerstone of sustainable growth. We recognize that successful transformation begins with harnessing the power of data, and the cloud acts as a catalyst for this transformation. Our approach is simple: align your data strategy with your business objectives, adapt your organization-wide systems, and nurture a strong data culture. This commitment to data excellence translates into a two-fold increase in success rates and a three-fold return on AI investments.

AI Generative

Generative AI

We're pioneers in harnessing the transformative power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. We're not just consultants; we're your partners in reimagining your entire enterprise. From top-down transformation to redefining every aspect of your business, we're here to optimize your functions. With our prebuilt AI solutions, innovation becomes second nature, productivity soars, and costs decrease – propelling you toward unparalleled competitive advantage.

AI Solutions

Solutions AI

We specialize in providing scalable AI solutions that redefine the game. Our Solutions.AI collection is your ticket to unlocking unprecedented efficiency and growth. We're not just fast; we're three times faster than traditional product lifecycles when it comes to innovation. Our tailored solutions are like a finely tuned instrument, designed to fit your industry and needs, effortlessly adapting to tackle even your most unique challenges.

AI Enterprise

Enterprise AI

We specialize in AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics to drive tangible business results. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of these technologies. We excel at analysing customer data to enhance interactions, boost self-service capabilities, and elevate overall customer service performance. We're your trusted partner in making AI work for your business.

AI Ethical

Ethical AI / Responsible AI

We're passionate about responsible AI. We go beyond technology, focusing on designing, developing, and deploying AI with a positive impact on employees, businesses, customers, and society. We address AI ethics, data governance, trust, and legal considerations. In a world of evolving regulations, we ensure your AI journey is not just compliant but also trustworthy, allowing you to scale with confidence.

NEX Softsys Technical Expertise

Our Advanced AI development technology stack expertise

AI Models
Palm 2Palm 2
Stable DiffusionStable Diffusion
DL Frameworks
MX NetMX Net
Nvidia Nvidia
Microsoft Cognitive ToolkitMicrosoft Cognitive Toolkit
Core MLCore ML
Metric learningMetric learning
Supervised/UnsupervisedSupervised/Unsupervised Learning
Few Shots learningFew Shots learning
Neural Networks
Representation LearningRepresentation Learning
Variational AutoencodersVariational Autoencoders
Manifold LearningManifold Learning
Bayesian NetworkBayesian Network
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