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Partner with Leaders in Software Development

NEX Softsys is one of the renowned companies known for its custom software development across various industries. We help startups, SMBs and enterprises to navigate through complex issues with the help of advanced tech solutions.

Application Development

Develop applications and integrated solutions to stay on top of your business processes and tech innovations.

Big Data Development

Explore the potential of data with ML and AI and create automated data pipelines and streaming to improve decision-making.

Software Outsourcing

Outsource us for innovative software solutions that fulfill a market gap and fit the exact needs of your domain.

Mobility Solutions

Launch attractive, customer-centric mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS in a very short time.

Offshore Development

Hire an experienced team from our software outsourcing company to quickly scale your capacity and enhance ROI.

QA & Testing Services

Maintain the quality of your application in its highly functional state with regular audits and multi-stage testing.

Cloud & DevOps

Accelerate your digital transformation with our cloud apps and DevOps solutions to simplify and empower your everyday operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Gather data from multiple devices, integrate IoT with big data solutions, and improve your existing processes.


Tailor-Made Software Built Just for Your Business

Our software development company is a visionary when it comes to novel ideas and cutting-edge tech solutions. We ideate, strategize and develop software that’s custom-made to solve your specific business challenges.

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Complete Solutions

Fully Managed Software Development Services

NEX Softsys is one of the top outsourcing companies for software development with over 15+ years of experience. We've worked on over 2000+ projects to develop web applications, mobile applications, data platforms, software, automation and integration solutions. We believe in customizing each project based on special feature requirements and market conditions.

Regardless of the size of your project, our expert developers will be there to guide you through your needs. We offer a very flexible hiring policy for outsourcing which means you can pick the tech capabilities in your team. We provide Java development, Python development, .NET development and other development services in various languages, frameworks, tools, databases and libraries.

We understand that one of the biggest concerns for companies to implement tech solutions is the expensive cost. That's why we offer competitive rates that come within the budget.

We specialize in building SaaS products, critical multi-system solutions and innovative data platforms. Our team is proficient in SQL, Microsoft Azure, ReactJs, NodeJs, Restful, SOAP, Dynamics 365, MongoDB and many other technologies, databases and web services.

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Case Studies

ETL Solution for Financial Services Groups

The client sought a business solution to architect, configure and support their Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes...

Data Warehousing & Customer Segmentation Modeler

A large financial institution needed help to design, develop and support their Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) for large Data warehouse...

Telco Analyzer

A large financial institution needed help to design, develop and support their Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) for large Data warehouse ...

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Latest Updates

Need to know before choosing the right data warehouse for BI

Data warehousing is one of the most popular services for businesses right now. Be it their growing digital presence or superior market opportunities, the fact is that the world is generating far more data than ever. And businesses have to reach out to their customers on different platforms, while at the same time bring together all the data together to perform data analytics.

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